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How to Clean Kilim Rug

Posted By on Jul 31, 2017

kilim_rugDo you have a precious Kilim rug which needs some cleaning and requires proper maintenance? Of course, the first logical step will be to find a well trusted local rug cleaning company to handle the cleaning and maintenance for you with professional deep cleaning at least once a year

But if you prefer to take care of this task by yourself, you should keep the following cleaning and maintenance tips for Kilim rugs in mind, in order to provide proper and safe care of your rug:

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clean a rug with vinegarEssentially, a rug is a typical natural or hand-knotted carpet. Sometimes, it is a decorative or even an antique model. In all cases, though, the material is refined, the pattern – solid – or if not, the fibers are fluffy. All of these turn a rug into a difficult to be cleaned home item.

The thing is that you can put anything you find on the cleaning counter in the store or in your kitchen drawer.

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How to Remove Nail Polish from a Rug

Posted By on Jul 18, 2017


nail polish stainIt can happen to anyone – spilling bright coloured nail polish on your rug. The question is how to clean it safely?

Here is what to do if you need to remove nail polish from your rug.

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How to Clean Area Rug Yourself

Posted By on Jul 10, 2017

area rug cleaningBe sure that a rug is not as hard as you to think to keep in a proper and perfect condition. Indeed, it is always better and easier to give it to the professionals to clean it. However, it’s not the most budget-friendly approach, is it? Moreover, sometimes, there are emergency situations – like splits and accidental spots – you need to handle. So, you can’t rely on the professional rug cleaners all the time.

Better, find out how to clean area rug yourself right away!

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How to Clean a Shaggy Rug at Home

Posted By on Jun 30, 2017

shaggy rugShaggy rugs… Who doesn’t love them? Even though being so delicate, they are so suitable for a toddler! Every kid, who does not walk yet, needs a clean area to play, right? And what about their look?! So fluffy and cute that you cannot resist them when selecting a practical rug. Well, if you know how to take care of a shaggy rug, it can be determined as practical, too.

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How to Clean Your Rug Without a Vacuum

Posted By on Jun 19, 2017

dry rug cleaningDon’t own any vacuum cleaner? Or the device just broke? Don’t worry. You still have a chance to clean your rug before your guests arrive. Indeed, vacuuming is the most common cleaning procedure for the rug.

However, there are other alternatives for you. And today, we are here to share them with you, so you can have a backup plan for some rug cleaning procedure without using any vacuum cleaners.

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How to Clean a Viscose Rug?

Posted By on Jun 7, 2017

rug_cleaningViscose rugs are not so popular, but yet beautiful enough models to consider, when it comes to cozy and cool interior design. Beauty is always about keeping it fresh and looking young and new, though, so the right way to clean a viscose rug is really important.

You are just about to find out how to clean a viscose rug.

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How to Clean a Rug at Home

Posted By on May 25, 2017

To maintain a rug clean one should always consider giving it the proper care. The most important thing is to at least once a month gives the rug a proper vacuum. By vacuuming the back of the rug with the beater bar or rotating brush the dirt pushed towards the top of the rug. That makes it easier to vacuum the dirt of the rug when you flip it back up.

For when you are dealing with wool rugs only suction should be in use. Synthetic rugs can be maintained with the use of the beater bar or rotating brush.

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