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Steam rug cleaning will kill off and remove 100% of the dust mites and germs in your rugs. Have a badly soiled rug which needs a good washing? Try out the highly efficient, professional cleaning service offered by RCL Rug Cleaning London for private and commercial clients. The professional company has been successfully deep cleaning the rugs and carpets of the people and businesses of the area for over 15 years now.

Our History and Mission

Every year, there are more than 15,000 happy customers of their services. In fact, 97% of the customers of the professional steam rug cleaning services and the other services offered by the company are from recommendations made by happy customers to friends and relatives. All of the cleaners in the company are vetted, trained and experienced to deep clean any kind of rug and carpet. Stain pre-treatment is part of the deep cleaning service, and the cleaners can recognize and are equipped to pre-treat a wide variety of stains, including: oily stains, coffee, red wine, urine, blood, rust, coffee, paint and others.

The steam cleaning is performed with professional machines from the newest generation. All of the solutions used to wash the rug and to treat the stains are Prochem certified.
To receive a free and non-obligatory price quote for the cleaning service you are interested in, just call 02037462467 or send an online request here. The operators are available 24 hours 7 days a week, so they will process your request as soon as possible!

Efficient Cleaning at Competitive Prices

The steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction, and is performed with a modern, professional machine. The service is suitable for synthetic and wool rugs. The experienced cleaner will arrive at your address at the time you booked, equipped with a company uniform and badge. First of all the cleaner will perform a close and detailed inspection of your rug, to determine the exact type of materials it is made of, so as to determine the proper treatment. Also the stains which are removable and the high traffic soiled areas can be pre-treated before the washing.

Then the cleaner will hoover your rug with a powerful, professional vacuum cleaner, so as to remove the dust and dirt. Then a test of the cleaning solution will be performed on a hidden small area of your rug, and if everything is alright, the professional cleaner will proceed with the steam rug cleaning service. The machine shampoos and washes the rug via tiny nozzles which spray the steam and solution at high pressure and at the same time extracts most of it back. The rug is then rinsed with clean water with the same machine. The water extraction machine is able to extract up to 95% of the water from the rug, so the drying time is only about 3 hours in a well ventilated room. Professional steam cleaning will kill and remove 100% of the dust mites and other harmful microorganisms in your rug. It will also remove all residue and allergens, and will make the air and the environment in the room much healthier.

Additional Options to Your Steam Rug Cleaning

Upon request, you can order a special air moving system which will help speed up the drying process considerably. You can also request that the cleaner applies Petrochem certified Scotchgard, which is a protective solution which will keep the rug from staining and soiling for a longer time. Optional deodorizing of the rug is also available, if you want it. The deodorising solution, just like all other solutions used by the cleaner is absolutely safe for you, your children, pets and for the environment. The company offers high quality, affordable residential and commercial steam rug cleaning, which is suitable for just about any home or business premise, and is great if you are doing your spring cleaning, moving out or have just refurbished your property.
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To book the professional steam rug cleaning service offered by RCL Rug Cleaning London will take only a few minutes of your time and will require no advance payment or deposit to be made.
Just call 02037462467 or fill out the booking request and send it online now. The employees of customer support are there for you. You will receive a written confirmation promptly, in less than 2 hours. Booking for the same day, for bank holidays and weekends is available. The steam rug cleaning price is affordable and the payment methods accepted are very flexible. So, get your rug deep cleaned and clean up the air in your house by booking the professional steam rug cleaning services right away!