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We know that carpets and rugs are popular choices for home decorating, providing the “warmth” factor in the interior. Our carpet cleaners are aware that their positive contributions to the indoor environment are many. We understand that with matching colours and patterns of the carpeting, you create the desired appearance and style. We know that carpets contribute to heat insulation and are also a great place for children to play. But most of all, Wes can’t deny that carpets act like air filters in the household. Just like any other filter, they should be cleaned regularly. Balham carpet cleaning should be performed at least annually.

Carpet And Rug Cleaning BalhamRegular vacuuming is not enough to remove hidden dirt and bacteria on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services provide more thorough treatment while taking care to protect delicate fabrics. We offer effective carpet cleaning services to corporate and residential clients, all done in a professional manner. Our carpet cleaners are true experts in providing the right method for rugs of different types, whether it is made of synthetic, sensitive or other material. They are always on time, and fully equipped with professional carpet cleaning machines and effective shampoos. Using the most powerful detergents available they will effectively remove any difficult stains, such as stains from oil, strawberry juice, coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate, blood, grease and even gum. Be sure that our team will apply the most effective method which is protective to the colours and fibres of the carpet. We will even move all your furniture to ensure that all carpeted areas are thoroughly cleaned and completely refreshed.

We know that your home is your fortress and being welcomed by an immaculate property is what every homeowner deserves. With our effective carpet cleaning services in Balham, your rugs and carpets will receive the treatment they need and deserve to look their best again. We offer a detailed cleaning service that includes stain pre-treatment, deep fabric cleaning and affordable stain protection.

If you want to hire a reliable and good-working carpet cleaning company in Balham is the perfect decision. Why is that? Because we will groom your carpet and leave it in the best condition. Our specialist stain removal techniques will pre-spot your carpet for all stubborn and difficult stains. We will make your rugs as “fluffy” as possible. Using our quality materials and advanced cleaning techniques we will remove dirt and odour. This will guarantee the original appearance of your carpets and prevent them from premature ageing.

Our professional carpet cleaning is the best way to maintain the perfect hygienic environment in your home or office. This service is also essential if you have small children or meet different people in your office. A professionally cleaned carpet is healthier and prevents your family from different respiratory problems. We recommend you a thorough deep carpet cleaning at least three times a year to rest assured that all dust mites and dirt are completely removed. Additionally, our professional thorough cleaning will make your carpet more visually pleasing and potentially longer lasting. Book carpet cleaning in Balham by calling 020 3746 2467! Our polite team is available 24/7 and provides free no-obligation quotes on our carpet cleaning services. Alternatively, you can place an order through our direct booking form.

Client Testimonials



“I was a little skeptical about the fact that no advance payment was required, but the cleaner arrived just in time as agreed upon and I had to pay only after everything was done and I had performed an inspection of my rug. Thanks to the company and to the very quick, efficient and friendly cleaner they sent to clean my rug!”

Mary Wilkinson

“The cleaner was 20 minutes late which was sort of a put-off, but given the fact that he managed to clean my quite big rug in less than 35 minutes compensated for the tardiness. I also would like to thank him for the very useful advice on rug maintenance and stain removal he gave me. Will definitely use this cleaning service again!”

Alice Parker

“I was amazed at how my Persian rug looked after the cleaner had done his job! It was as bright fluffy and pretty as the day I received it as a wedding present 25 years ago!
I never imagined that my rug will look that good once again, so I am very pleasantly surprised and will definitely recommend this rug cleaning company to my neighbours and friends!”

Silvia Dern

“I love the fact that not only does my pretty silk rug look perfect after the cleaning, but also my daughter has stopped sneezing and having itchy eyes since it was cleaned. I now plan to use the services of Rug Cleaning London every six months to keep my child healthy and safe, and also to enjoy the original colours and beauty of my rug!”

Sarah Donovan

“My tomcat had made a mess of my rug until he became old enough to get neutered. I mean it smelled absolutely horrible, and I was even considering throwing out the rug. Thanks to my neighbour’s advice, I decided to try out one last thing before throwing it away. So, I called Rug Cleaning London and was pleasantly surprised by the quick and hassle free booking system. The cleaner applied a special solution and actually deodorized my rug after cleaning it, so now it smells and looks fabulous!”

Emily Brown

“I booked the rug cleaning services after I found out that all the solutions they use are perfectly safe and eco-friendly, because I am expecting a baby in a month, and I want to make sure that he comes to this world and to a perfectly safe and healthy environment at home! Thanks to Rug Cleaning London my rugs are clean, smell nice, and now I am ready to welcome this new addition to our family!”

Laura Bonnet

“I was impressed with the professionalism and perfect efficiency of the cleaner who came in to clean my carpet. He was on time, was very tidy and nice. He even placed special protective padding on the feet of my wardrobe before the cleaning. The entire thing tool less than an hour, and now my living room looks amazing and smells divine too!”

Linda Patterson

“In accordance to the advice of my doctor, I proceed with deep carpet cleaning at least once a year every year. This makes me feel safer in my own home, because I am aware of all the horrible stuff which resides in carpets, even if you have implemented a shoe-less policy such as I have! I can literally feel the air is cleaner after the professional cleaning has been done, not to mention how good my rug looks and feels after the cleaning! I will be returning!”