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Dry Rug Cleaning in Your Area

Have a delicate rug which needs cleaning? Try out the professional dry rug cleaning service offered by RCL Rug Cleaning London which has been cleaning the carpets and rugs of the people and businesses in the UK capital since 2005. Dry rug cleaning is a professional cleaning method for rugs and carpets which are too delicate to be washed, or for those which are non-water resistant, it is not colour fast or which might shrink if washed. Our professional carpet cleaning service uses the latest Prochem certified solutions to clean any kind of carpet, as well as for stain removal, for Scotchgard protection and for rug deodorizing.

The dry rug cleaning is performed by very well trained, experienced and thoroughly vetted cleaners with the latest and most efficient cleaning tools. The company offers both residential and commercial rug cleaning at a very affordable dry rug cleaning price.

To find out how much a professional dry rug cleaning will cost you, just call 02037462467 or fill out an online inquiry form now. The customer care service employees are there for you and will give you a completely free and non-obligatory price quote. They will also inform you of the options for receiving discounts or preferential prices.

Details about the Dry Rug Cleaning Service

The dry rug cleaning London service is suitable for rugs which are made of sisal, seagrass or other delicate rugs, as well as carpets and rugs which may shrink and those which are not colour-fast. The dry cleaning is done by a trained and experienced professional dry rug cleaner, who will first inspect your rug for any stains and other problems which can be treated before the cleaning. The cleaner will also do an assessment of the type of rug you have and any services you want like luxury rug cleaning, in order to find the most suitable and efficient solution for cleaning it. Then the rug will be hoovered so that as much dust and dirt is removed from it as possible.

The dry cleaning solution will be tested on a hidden small spot of the rug before the cleaning. If everything goes well with the test, the cleaner will proceed with the applying and embedding the dry cleaning powder or spray into the rug with special instruments with small brushes. The dust, dirt and grime will get attached to the cleaning solution, so when it is hoovered out of the rug, they will be removed together. The dry cleaning method is great for cleaning and refreshing rugs, but cannot remove stains so you can get steam rug cleaning service.


Professional Rug Dry Cleaning London Prices

Rug dry cleaning London has the experience and is equipped to professionally deep clean just about any type of rug or carpet, including: Oriental and Persian rug cleaning, Indian, Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan, Turkish, etc. Depending on the material, a different deep cleaning method will be used – either steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Also, for every different material there are different solutions for stain treatment and for cleaning, which is why it is absolutely necessary that the cleaners are very well trained, experienced and familiar with recognizing the materials and types of stains as well as with using the solutions. All of the cleaners from the professional cleaning company are very well trained and experienced and we cover a lot of areas inside the UK and especially London like carpet cleaning Islington and carpet cleaning Clapham. The cleaning services offered are fully insured. So, do not waste another minute and order your dry rug cleaning near you at this moment!

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If you have decided that you need the dry rug cleaning service, all you must do is call 02037462467 or fill out the simple online request here. The customer care staff will promptly process your request and will be back to you with an SMS and e-mail booking confirmation. If you need an emergency, same day cleaning is available. For those of you who are not in a hurry – booking is possible for every day of the year, bank holidays and weekends included. Early booking leads to discounts! The prices are affordable and fixed, and you have a wide choice for payment methods. No advance payment is required for booking, so you can go ahead and book your professional carpet cleaning London right now!