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Your carpet has a number of ugly stains which you can’t stand seeing anymore? Then call Rug Cleaning London now and we’ll provide a high quality residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in the entire London area. We only use the latest and best professional cleaning machines and tools, and only ProChem certified, eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions. The proficient carpet cleaning service offered is performed by highly experienced and agency managed cleaners who can remove a wide variety of stains, and can either steam clean or dry clean your carpet with minimal disruption and at a great carpet cleaning price.
Find out how much it will cost you to get your carpet deep cleaned by one of the leaders in this domain by picking up the phone and dialing 02037462467 right away, or by sending an online request for a price quote. The customer care service is there to help you, so you will receive your free and non-binding price quote pretty soon. You can also request a free on-site viewing for determining the condition of your carpet. Fast drying and Scotchgard protection of the carpet – delivered upon request.

9 Years Of Expert Carpet Cleaning

Rug Cleaning London has been deep cleaning the carpets of the residents and the businesses for more than 9 years, and has a growing number of satisfied returning and new customers every year. The reason is the focus on the satisfaction of the customers and the high quality of the services provided. The professional carpet cleaning is performed as least disruptively and as quickly and efficiently as possible at a great carpet cleaning price. All cleaners are trained and continuously assessed for quality and safety compliance. The machines and tools used are of the latest generation, and the cleaning solutions are all natural and perfectly safe for people, pets and the environment. Carpet cleaning comes with stain treatment and free carpet maintenance advice. Depending on the type of carpet, either steam or dry cleaning will be used for the deep cleaning.

Powerful Cleaning Methods

Steam Cleaning

This procedure is definitely the most efficient way to wash a carpet, to kill all germs and dust mites, and to remove all dirt, residue and allergens. It is suitable for wool, synthetic and other carpets which can handle being washed with water. The cleaners first inspect and pre-treat the stains and high traffic areas with the appropriate solutions. Then they test the chosen cleaning solution on a tiny area, and if it is alright, proceed with the cleaning. The carpet is vacuumed with a professional hoover. Then a hot water extraction machine is used to shampoo and wash the carpet via tiny nozzles. As the washing proceeds, the water is extracted back into the steam carpet cleaning machine simultaneously. The carpet is washed by using the same technique but with clean water. Meanwhile, 95% of the water used is extracted from it. This means that only a couple of hours are necessary for it to dry out completely. Customers can request an air moving system for quick drying, as well as the application of a protective Scotchgard solution or deodorant to the carpet.

Dry Cleaning

Professional dry cleaning is used for deep cleaning carpets which cannot be washed with water because they are not colourfast, they will shrink or because they are too delicate.
Dry cleaning is done with safe and eco-friendly dry cleaning solutions, which get attached to the dirt and dust, and when removed are removed together. Dry carpet cleaning is a great way to refresh and clean a carpet without needing it to dry after that. The carpet is inspected by the experienced cleaner who will determine exactly which type of dry cleaning solution to use. The stains are pre-treated, and after the carpet is hoovered, the dry cleaning spray or powder is meticulously applied and scrubbed into the carpet with a special machine. The solution is left to sit for a while, and after that is removed along with the residue which is stuck to it with the help of a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Have Your Carpet Cleaned Till The End Of The Day

To book our deep carpet cleaning service, all you really need to do is call 02037462467 or send an online booking request. You will receive written confirmation for your booking in less than 2 hours. Booking any of our cleaning services requires no deposit. Paying for it happens after the cleaning has been done and the payment methods are very flexible. Same day booking is available, we work on public holidays and weekends as well. So, pick any day of the year for your carpet cleaning and book our highly praised cleaning service now!