Q: How do I prepare my rug for the upcoming cleaning?

A: There is no need for any special preparation. You could remove any heavy furniture standing on the rug to make cleaning easier. Otherwise, the cleaner will cover the legs or base of the furniture to protect them if it is left on top of the cleaned rug. No other preparation is really necessary.

Q: I have stains which have stuck to my carpet through several professional cleaning sessions. I wonder does your company give a guarantee for stain removal?

A: No, the company cannot give a 100% guarantee for stain removal, because some stains are so old that they are actually untreatable. But still, we can treat a wide variety of stains from different textiles and materials, so there is a big chance that we will be able to remove the majority of your stains. A more exact estimate will be made by the cleaner once he/she arrives and inspects the carpet.

Q: How long does it take for an average rug to dry completely after carpet washing?

A: In a well-ventilated room, it shouldn’t take more than three hours for it to dry. The water extraction machine used for steam cleaning is so powerful that it will actually extract nearly 95% of the water used during the shampooing and rinsing of your rug. We also can bring an air moving system, upon request. It will speed up the drying process by 3 times.

Q: I practice mostly green cleaning during my daily and weekly cleaning and washing chores at home. Can you assure me that you can provide me with eco-friendly rug cleaning too?

A: Yes, all of the cleaning solutions used by the company are Prochem certified and continuously tested for safety for people, animals and for the environment. So, you can be sure that any solution used during the carpet cleaning by (Company name) is all natural and green.

Q: My rug is quite an expensive antique rug, and I need to know that you can safely handle it when cleaning it. Can I rest assure that it will be in good hands?

A: All of the rug cleaners are very well trained and experienced professional cleaners, who have all the necessary instructions and certificates for using all of the cleaning tools and solutions in the company. All of our cleaning services are fully insured. Also, a spot test with some of the cleaning solution on a hidden area of the rug is always done before the cleaning, so you shouldn’t be worried about the cleaner handling your antique rug.

Q: I am busy during the weekdays and would prefer that the rug cleaning is done on a weekend, do you offer such a service?

A: The Company offers professional rug cleaning on every single day of the year, public holidays and weekends included. The time slots are also flexible.

Q: Should I remove my two Siamese cats from my flat for the rug cleaning and drying?

A: The solutions used are completely safe for pets and people, so there is no problem if the cats remain in your flat. You should keep them out of the room where the rug is being cleaned so that there is no risk of an accident with the tools used for cleaning and your cats. Also, it is a good idea to keep all people, things and pets off of the cleaned rug until it dries completely, so that the fibres don’t get creased.

Q: My rug smells from my years of smoking at home, is there a way to remove this smell?

A: The deep cleaning will remove the dirt, residue and kill and remove all harmful bacteria from your rug. With that the odour should also be gone. Upon request, the cleaner can apply special deodorant which will help improve the overall smell too.

Q: How often is it recommended that I deep clean my rug, so that it remains looking good and in order to make sure the air in the room is healthy?

A: This depends on the type of rug, as well as on other factors, such as: do you have people with dust allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, do you smoke at home, do you have pets? If one or more of the answers to these questions is “yes”, then it is recommended that you deep clean it at least once per every 6 months. Otherwise, the cleaning can be performed only once per year.

Q: Do you have a hotline which I can contact for a specific question about my rug cleaning booking?

A: Yes, the company has very helpful customer care service phone 02037462467 as well as an online contact and request form which too will be opened and answered as soon as possible.